Why do organizations need an
IT analytics solution?

Today's enterprises deploy a wide range of monitoring and management applications to handle various IT functions: front-end help desk management, infrastructure monitoring, cybersecurity, project management, and Active Directory management. Each of these applications generates gigabytes of data every day. IT is sitting on a gold mine of data but has no way to tap into it.

What today's enterprise IT teams need is not off-the-shelf analytics but a dedicated analytics solution that can unearth valuable insight from diverse IT data. They need an analytics solution that combines machine learning and artificial intelligence to screen IT data for patterns and apply them to existing problems. They need predictive insight not just for proactive infrastructure maintenance but to foresee opportunities and warn them of problems in advance.

How will an IT analytics solution
aid your organization?

Solve burning problems and make better, cost-saving decisions by unifying data from all your applications for a 360-degree view of IT infrastructure.

Cut incident volume in half by using visual analysis to identify the root cause of recurring incidents.

Visualize all IT management processes to identify and resolve bottlenecks, and lower the mean time to resolve incidents.

Predict and plan for organizational changes to minimize their impact on business services and end-user productivity.

Optimize IT assets spend by visualizing the complete life cycle of assets, including their useful life and depreciation through the years.

Enhance the performance of cloud, on-premises, and hybrid infrastructure assets to get the maximum return on your investment.

Sift through alarm noise with smart filtering based on impact on business services.

Protect endpoints from internal and external security threats with early warning alerts into vulnerabilities.

Strike the right balance between security and usability while ensuring endpoints are in compliance with organizational policies.

Blend data from multiple applications and sources to understand correlations, such as a change’s impact on project progress or incident volume.

Centrally monitor and manage employee productivity with a detailed account of every minute spent working on your projects or accounts.

Here’s how IT analytics solutions have helped other organizations

F4 IT Services uncovers valuable insights into its service desk operations and speeds up data analytics

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Global consultant ERM delivers faster support resolutions, increasing customer satisfaction to 97%

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Lebara identifies process lags and speeds up incident resolution

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IT analytics solutions from ManageEngine

Analytics Plus

AI-powered unified analytics platform to correlate all IT data

Get a unified view of all your IT applications in one console. Blend data from several IT applications or databases, and look into the impact of incidents on ticket volume, of project delays on costs, and more.



Cloud cost management for modern software teams

Make informed decisions with a full set of cloud cost management capabilities. Understand spending at a high level, identify cost-accruing services, attribute spending to business units, set up budgets, and more.


SaaS Manager Plus

Spending management platform for SaaS subscriptions

Discover, track, and manage your SaaS subscriptions. Streamline your SaaS, optimize costs, track vendors, enhance productivity, and ensure effective license and user management.


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